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Cómpeta is a beautiful hillside town of less than 5,000 people. While June to August is the busiest season in town because of La Cómpeta Feria and La Noche del Vino, guests visit Cómpeta almost all year round with some preferring to stay in the main town and others spending 5 days or more in Cómpeta’s charming country homes.  

The market for vacation rentals in Cómpeta is good, but is your property ready to create the perfect vacation experience for your guests?

Professional Cómpeta Property Managers 

Managing a home is tough work, let alone a vacation rental property where people come and go. You have to ensure there are no hazards, respond to emergency damages a.s.a.p, remember due dates, and more.  


At Calisto Co., we understand that running a rental property requires hardwork and time. We’re here for homeowners like you who prefer a more convenient way of operating a vacation home rental business and we do it with exceptional professionalism and dedication. We take the taxing work off your hands because you deserve to relax and enjoy your time like your guests would! 

Full-Service Property Management Services in Cómpeta

Calisto Manage has a local team of home and rental property management specialists in Cómpeta with over 7 years of experience in the hospitality industry. You can trust that your property will be maintained the right way, and your guests will have a more enjoyable, authentic, and worthwhile experience.

Get a record of all the repair and maintenance works in your property and the time when the staff were there, through a sophisticated app!

Professional fumigation and A/C maintenance services in Cómpeta to keep mites away.

Postponing emergency repairs is a recipe for disaster. Let our 24/7 repairmen handle them

right away!

Did you know that a clean, private pool is a top criteria for Airbnb guests? Let’s ensure yours is ready!

Don’t worry about remembering due dates; we’ll handle them!

Ensure all areas, facilities, systems, and appliances in your Cómpeta property are functioning well through our licensed local inspectors.

Your property may not be as safe to visit after a storm. Let our fully-equipped experts inspect it!

Project Management

Planning to renovate your property soon? Don’t get stressed by talking to too many contractors. We’ll answer them for you!

Pool Cleaning Services.jpg

Did you know that a clean, private pool is a top criteria for Airbnb guests? Let’s ensure yours is ready!

Owner Concierge Services.jpg

Owner Concierge

Be able to speak to a dedicated Cómpeta concierge for any concern you have.

Convenient Property Management Solutions For Every Landlord   

At Calisto Co., we help you grow your vacation rental business in Cómpeta by streamlining all your business processes from accepting bookings, collecting payments, listing your property in multiple platforms, engaging with your guests, and more. We use one of the world’s best booking softwares utilized also by the biggest names in the rental industry, Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor.  

Likewise, you’ll be able to enhance your guest’s experience with our EXCLUSIVE GUEST APP, a mobile travel buddy that allows them to book and arrange for all their needs in one single app! 

Why Choose Calisto Manage?

You can either travel every time you need to clean your property or spend your time on the more important things in your life and let us take care of the managing part.

Experienced Property Manager


Quality Control Manager

Dedicated Maintenance Coordinator

Trained, Fully-Insured Maintenance Staff

Monthly Statements

Advanced Cleaning Technologies

At Calisto Manage, you get the convenience and luxury of owning a Cómpeta property and waiting for your investment returns to come in at your own time and space.

Properties We're Currently Managing in Cómpeta

Is your area not in Cómpeta? Calisto Manage is growing in other parts of Spain! Call us, and we’d be happy to talk about your location!​

Calisto Manage. Built for the Busy Homeowner.

Calisto Manage is a property management service in Cómpeta established by experienced real estate investor and property manager Ryan Vandegrift. Ryan has been in the real estate industry since 2008, has been taking care of homes since 2015, and has since expanded his passion to serve homes in three countries — Spain, Dominican Republic, and The U.S.

Our Fees

All our property management fees in Cómpeta are custom because we know every home is unique! If you want to learn more about the benefits you can get with Calisto, call us at +34 695 73 21 71 or schedule an appointment with a Calisto Cómpeta property manager today!


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