If I'm foreign, how can I get a prescription filled while in the Dominican Republic?

Maybe this is a question you have asked yourself often times. We are sure this has happened to you: you need to get your medicine while you are here in vacation but you need your prescription filled in a foreign country.

Here is what you need to know: As a foreign in Dominican Republic to get medication you don't need a prescription filled by a Primary Care Physician. The health system is different here as foreign people do not need to get a doctors approval to get the medication they need.

Of course, there are various exceptions to these rules since there are drugs that can only be provided only when you a physicians prescription. There are several pharmacies in Sosua and Cabarete that you could get your medication from. We understand maybe you don't manage completely Spanish or the local pharmacy may not manage a foreign language, so we have available Pharmacy Delivery for you. You only have to go to and a virtual concierge will assist you with your prescription.